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Playing TBR on my new Part 15 transmitter (plus neat 1980s boombox)
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Wed May 10 2017, 02:39AM
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Hello guys, I haven't been active the forum part of here much the past few years but listen to the stream regularily and figured I'd check in after finding something neat today. I was looking at this cool little FM transmitter on Amazon and happened to find it today while at the local department store for cheaper and decided to go for it. Part 15 accepted in the USA and Canada so the FCC can't bust me for microbroadcasting haha but still a pretty nice little one, I tested it out today and it covers my whole property good so I can listen outside and still got full signal across the street too so maybe someone else scanning might take a listen. I remember a youtube vid or forum post back in 2011/12 of someone on here doing something similar in the UK.

Also I'd like to show you my neat boombox I got recently, still fresh condition from the 1980s. TowerBlock sounds really good blasting loud on it while chilling on the front porch. "What's that british rap?" They ask PMSL

Hope you all are well, thanks for the great memories over the past years and here's to some more.

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