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In order to access all areas of the site was founded in June 2009 by two pirate radio DJs from Manchester, UK. The site was established for people to share their own personal experiences and memories of pirate radio from all areas the UK - and to help keep those memorys alive. Then, due to many requests from site members, we were asked if we could introduce live show 'specials'.

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Listen on your mobile device by clicking on an icon below.

You can find us, follow us and listen to us at these places on the internet.
During live shows, you can join us in the chatroom for all your shout-outs, dedications, requests and rewinds! Just click the image below. (please note you need to complete our free registration to access the chatroom)

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As you will have already noticed, towerblockradio has just had a long overdue facelift. As with anything new there are likely to be some teething problems. If you encounter any problems or just have some general feedback, please either, leave a comment below this article or post a comment in the forum. A thread has already been started about this subject which can be found here.
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