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At some point in your life, if you knew it or not, you have probably tuned your radio dial and listened to a pirate radio station. Tower Block Radio.com is an independent website dedicated to ALL pirate radio stations in the UK. This site has been set up to celebrate UK pirate radio stations, it's dj's, mc's, artists and listeners who make pirate radio what it is, the voice of the community. Tower Block Radio.com is not connected to any one station, again, we are here to celebrate ALL stations, past and present, and the people who take the risks to bring underground and mainstream music to the masses. Pirate radio is illegal, and any individuals are responsible for their own actions. Any information posted on the site by Tower Block Radio.com and its Admin team is for educational purposes only, and any information posted on this site by individual site members may not be the same views shared by Tower Block Radio.com. Individual members are responsible for the posts they may or may not submit to the site. 
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